January 31, 2010

Cali Cali Cali Oh How I Love Cali!

As some of you know this past summer I took a vacation to CA. For several years I have had a dream to drive up the CA coast on PCH1. Finally my dream came true my sister and I flew to AZ and from then on rented a car and took a sweet road trip up the coast of CA. I will be posting more photos later on from our road trip but here are a few from Laguna Beach. Enjoy! I'm sorry if I'm reminding you of warm summer days during a freezing winter but don't worry summer is just around the corner. :)

alyona photography,CA,Laguna Beach,nature,scenery,professional photography,photography,flower

alyona photography,CA,Laguna Beach,nature,beach

alyona photography,CA,Laguna Beach,nature,professional photography

alyona photography,CA,Laguna Beach,people,professional photography,photography
Cute family by the beach. I really liked how CA beaches had volleyball and basketball courts near the ocean.

alyona photography,CA,Laguna Beach,beach,professional photography

alyona photography,CA,Laguna Beach,palm trees,beach,professional photography,photography
Love the super tall palm trees!

alyona photography,CA,Laguna Beach,beach,nature,professional photography,photography

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