February 3, 2012

Capers Island Adventure

Some of you might already know this about me and some may be surprised to find out that I absolutely love adventure! I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie I suppose. When a friend asked me to join his group to camp out on an uninhabited Capers Island how could I refuse! Asking me to photograph the experience and knowing that there will be an article published about this was icing on the cake.  We started our day with an Eco tour on our way to the Island. Once we arrived we had a very knowledgeable survival guide who taught us about shelter making, fire starting, weapons, traps, water filtration and other fun stuff. I now might be able to survive if I ever get stranded on an Island! (knock on wood) My favorite part of this adventure was photographing a sunrise over the ocean. Absolutely breathtaking view of God’s creation! If anyone is interested in getting hooked up with an adventure check out On Purpose Adventures website and Facebook.

 me exploring

gathering wood for shelter building and fire 

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