September 13, 2012


I just returned from a wonderful vacation in Greece!! We got a chance to explore Athens, Santorini, Hydra and Spetses. What a beautiful country with lots of good food! Let's just say 10 days was not enough to see everything. I took over 3,000 photos! Here's a little sneak peek from my adventure. :) 

Near port area in Hydra Island, Greece. Only form of transportation allowed on this Island is walking and riding on donkeys! 


First place we ate at in Athens, Greece. I loved how in Greece everyone eats outside during summer time! 

Zucchini balls were absolutely one of my favorites!  

Market area in Athens, Greece. 

Sunset in Athens, Greece near the Acropolis. 

Fira Village in Santorini Island. I explored narrow alleyways with lots dead ends... lets just say I had to stop and ask for directions a few times 
before I could find my way out of them. ha!

Fira Village in Santorini Island. 

Oia Village in Santorini Island in moonlight. 

Dinner at Sunset restaurant in Hydra Island. 

Me in Hydra Island after hiking up a lot of steps to see this view. 

Speed ferries that took us from Island to Island. The names of these ferries happen to be 'Flying Cat' and 'Flying Dolphin' rightfully so considering 
they look like they are above the water.

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