November 8, 2013

Proposal Spy Mission {Caroline + Korey} Charleston, SC

Yesterday I guess you can say I was on a 'proposal spy mission'. Korey contacted me prior to arrange all the details but this one was tricky considering I had already met Caroline previously by photographing her and her siblings. Usually when I do these type of photo shoots the girl doesn't know who I'm so it's easier to go unnoticed. I was up to the challenge though! Hiding behind a tree and wearing a hat with my camera ready to go at a seconds notice. hah! Let's just say the mission was a success! Caroline didn't notice me till Korey pointed me out. What a surprise it was! Korey dropped his knee inside the gazebo at the Battery Park and popped the question. What an absolutely glorious moment and I was honored to participate in it. Check out the action shots and the just engaged images filled with excitement. Congrats you guys!! 

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