February 17, 2014

Snow Adventure + Kitty Cat + Valentines Day

For a while I have been wishing to play in the snow. Living in Charleston I feel like I miss the four seasons. Every Fall I like to get away into to the mountains to see leaves change colors but I have not been so fortunate to see a white winter. Well I finally got my wish. While spending some time upstate it snowed! I was so excited I could hardly contain myself! As soon as I saw snow on the ground in the morning I ran out in my pjs and flip flops just to catch a glimpse of it. Later on I tried sledding and even built a snow man. On Valentines Day I decorated the snowman with hearts. Yes, it's kind of silly but I loved every minute of it. On a side note I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day even if most of you were snowed in. I'm also sharing a few images of my new cute friend Anuta. She is quite the little model with her gorgeous green eyes. :)

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